Vegetable-based Crunchfuls cereals create a new ready to eat food category

NASFT Member Press Releases – 01/13/2011

January 2011 – San Francisco, CA – Start your day easily with vegetables for breakfast! Crunchfuls is a new generation of vegetable-based ready-to-eat (RTE) cereal that is made primarily from pulse legume seeds (dry beans, lentils and split peas) also known as pulses.

Pulses, the primary ingredients of Crunchfuls are true superfoods. They have the unique distinction of belonging to three food groups in the food pyramid – proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates (grains). Pulses have at least twice as much protein and fiber than oats and whole wheat flour according to the USDA National Nutrient Database. And they are packed with complex carbohydrates. Today, pulses are being rediscovered as superfoods with supporting clinical evidence that shows they are great for digestive health, help lower cholesterol, are low glycemic and promote sustainable energy.

The perfect balance of pulses and rice found in Crunchfuls has been a staple of good health in the Mediterranean, Indian and African diets for centuries. Crunchfuls carries forward this traditional staple, now in a familiar form of crunchy shelf-stable anytime meal that offers satiety with the right nutrition. Moreover, it helps consumers now achieve the USDA/NIH recommended weekly servings of 2-3 cups of pulses in a new ready-to-eat form. Crunchfuls offers a better allergen-free alternative to grain and soy based cereals through gentler vegetable protein and vegetable fiber.
Launched in April 2010 by Pul Foods of Mountain View, CA, Crunchfuls is available in 45 retail supermarket locations in San Francisco Bay Area including Raley’s Nob Hill Stores, Andronico’s, Draeger’s, Zanotto’s, Piazza’s Fine Foods, in food service and online.
For more information, please contact our Director of Business Development, Sandeep Shenoy at (650) 965-1140 or visit our website at
Media Contact:
Sandeep Shenoy (650) 965-1140


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