Crunchfuls® adds vegetable-based savory snacks to product line

Crunchfuls® adds vegetable-based savory snacks to product line

Mountain View, CA – April 08, 2011

Pul Foods Inc. of Mountain View, CA announced the launch of Crunchfuls superfood savory snacks in retail and in food service in the San Francisco Bay Area. 100 Calorie, 1oz serving Crunchfuls snacks offers 4 grams of complete protein and 4 grams of gentle vegetable fiber, complex carbohydrates for sustained energy. A 1oz serving of Crunchfuls offers a full serving of vegetable.

Crunchfuls is a pioneering line of 100% natural breakfast cereals and savory snacks made primarily from steam-cooked and toasted pulse legume seeds or Pulseeds® (dry beans, lentils and split peas), offering a a nutrient dense vegetable-based option better than high sugar-high salt grain,soy, potato or corn based offerings. Crunchfuls is gluten-free, nut-free, vegan and kosher. Offering a healthier alternative to fried, baked and popped snacks that involve oil-puffing, Crunchfuls snacks are a satiating meal with a deep signature crunch.

The savory snacks in zesty flavors such as barbecue, chili lime and tomato basil flavors follow the commercial success of Chocolate and Caramel Crunchfuls cereals that are currently sold in Northern California and nationally online through the company’s website Crunchfuls has made it to top editor picks both at Natural Products Expo West 2011and the Winter Fancy Food Show. Crunchfuls was honored as top three product of the year finalist for the innovation-based Nutraward, Edison Award nominee for societal impact and the Growing Green Award for sustainability.

“Consumers no longer have to choose between empty calories with no satiety and indulgence” Dr. Deepa Shenoy, founder and CEO of Pul Foods explained. “By harnessing the goodness of beans and lentils, that are as gentle as a vegetable and twice as nutritious as grain and oats, we have created a transformational category of superfood snacks that are intensely delicious and densely nutritious”.

Sustainability: Crunchfuls is primarily made with Pulseeds® found in the pods of pulse legumes crops, also known as pulses. Pulses naturally enrich the soil with nitrogen and break pest cycles for other cereal and oil crops and so, help reduce the use of artificial fertilizer and pesticides and maintain natural top soil. Water: is a key resource for the food supply chain. Pulseeds® use only 43 gallons of water to 1lb vs other comparable sources of protein: 216 gallons of water for 1lb of soybean, 425 gallons of water for 1lb of chicken and 1,894 gallons of water for 1lb of beef.

Please come join us at the Milk Pail Market on San Antonio Road (border of Los Altos and Mountain View) and Sigona’s markets in Palo Alto for the launch of Crunchfuls snacks weekend of April 9th and 10th.

For further information, please contact:

Pul Foods Inc., 809 B Cuesta Drive #108, Mountain View, CA / (650) 965-1140



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