Crunchfuls® expands in Whole Foods Markets and Raley’s Supermarkets

05/13/2011 – Mountain View, CA

Crunchfuls® cereals have launched in Whole Foods Markets in Northern California. Crunchfuls also celebrated further expansion in the 143 store Raley’s chain with product launches in Raley’s location in Tracy and Salinas, CA.

“Through our relationship with Whole Foods Market and Raley’s, we now have an opportunity to reach more consumers in Northern California region. As a growing brand and an expanding product-line consisting of cereals and snacks, we are poised to meet the expectations of shoppers looking for better choices to improve their health and positively impact the environment.” said Dr. Deepa Shenoy, Founder and CEO of Pul Foods. “Our products offer a unique crunch from steam-cooked pulse-legumes (beans and lentils) with intensely delicious flavors.  With beans and lentils  as the  key ingredient, increasing consumption of Crunchfuls will increase demand and add value to a nitrogen-fixing and water conserving crop grown by farmers in crop rotation to improve yields of cereal crops and help break pest cycles.”

Crunchfuls cereals and snacks are made from all natural ingredients such as whole seeds of lentils and beans, brown and white rice. The products offer high-protein and high-fiber allergen-free alternative with ingredients that are superior to whole-grain and offer servings of vegetables. The cereals are available in two flavors, Chocolate and Caramel. The snack line includes Chili-Lime, Barbecue and Tomato Basil flavors in 1oz pouches for retail and food-service.

Pul Foods, Inc., based in Mountain View, CA, is the manufacturer and inventor of Crunchfuls. The company continues to expand its presence in retail and in food service. Crunchfuls was launched in the Northern California market in April 2010. The products are available for sale nationwide through the company website ( The company works closely with the farmers with the goal of increasing consumption of lentils and beans. The US dry bean and lentil growers organizations are strong supporters of Crunchfuls.

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