Crunchfuls is Great for Digestive Health

If you feel great you perform even better! It is as simple as that! Just eat Crunchfuls and feel amazing instantly. The fiber and prebiotics work their magic in your body even before you have time to say yum crunchfuls! Going more into detail, Crunchfuls contains a great deal of soluble fiber, which is fermented by the gut bacteria in the colon to produce short chain fatty acids: acetate, butyrate, propionate, and gases. Acetate and propionate get metabolized in the liver. Butyrate is very important because it inhibits the growth and spreading of tumor cells in vitro. Butyrate is also a great source of energy for colon cells. The production of short chain fatty acids decreases the ph in the gut, which is important because a lower ph allows the enzymes in the stomach to work more efficiently.

Oligosaccharides are fermented in the colon by gut bacteria, to produce the short chain fatty acids: acetate, butyrate, and propionate; as well as to produce the gases methane and hydrogen. The oligosaccharides found in pulses are: stachyose, raffinose, and sucrose. In Crunchfuls, the pulses are not soaked, but rather are stone- ground. This procedure keeps in all of the nutrients as well as oligosaccharide content. In a study, it was shown that soaking Pulses lead to a 25% reduction in raffinose, and a 24.8% reduction in stachyose. It’s a good thing we do not soak our pulses!!

Prebiotics are dietary fiber, which stimulate the growth of bacteria in the colon. Prebiotic fiber is very prevalent in pulses. Many health benefits exist like, prevention of constipation, ulcerative colitis, small intestinal bacteria overgrowth, pediatric diarrhea, antibiotic- induced diarrhea, food allergy, and impaired immune function. Prebiotics can really make a huge difference in health.

Lucky for you, Crunchfuls provides you with all the fiber, prebiotics, and oligosaccharides you could ask for! Have a happy and healthy gut. We promise you that you will feel great, and perform even better in anything you do!

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